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WhatsApp has reduced the limit of forwarding messages

WhatsApp made changes to the message forward limit on Tuesday to rein in the fake news related to the Coronavirus. Now users will be able to share a message only on one chat at a time. Earlier there was a facility to send a message to five people at a time. This limit will be especially for those messages which have already been forwarded five or more times.

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Forward message shares will come down by 25%

Meaning now only one chat can be sent at a time. A double tick will appear on WhatsApp with a forward-forward message. WhatsApp says that earlier there was a limit of sending only 5 forwarded messages to 5 people. But now this limit has been unified which will reduce the forward message share by 25%.

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Message forward recorded 40% increase during Coronavirus

Recently, there was information from WhatsApp to introduce search options for its users to check the authenticity of forwarding messages, in which a user can search through WhatsApp to find out if the news is true or fake. According to a report, there has been a 40% increase in forwarding WhatsApp messages due to lockdown.

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21 days lockdown issued

As everyone knows the whole world is currently under lockdown due to COVID-19 i.e. Coronavirus epidemic, 21 days lockdown is in force in India these days too. In such a situation when everyone is locked in their homes, the attitude of people to connect with the outside world has increased online. Also, WhatsApp has seen an increase in forwarding messages.